Sons of Seasons – Gods of Vermin

Sons of Seasons was founded by Kamelot keyboardist Oliver Palotai in 2007, and this is their debut album.  I actually did not know that until just now when I looked it up on Wikipedia, so this band was entirely new to me when I first hear this album back in June.

If one is to compare with the recent Kamelot albums this tones the power and symphonic aspects down significantly, instead being more progressive and aggressive. Some might see this as a surprise, but the keyboards actually dominate a lot less! And I think most will see that as a good thing. Maybe its because Oliver is also doing guitars.
My favorite track is definitively the title track (and intro leading up to it), varied and polished like prog metal should be. The vocals are what I find the most refreshing; mostly clean but ranging from snarls to straight out aggressive to tentative and soothing.

Seeing as they signed straight to Napalm Records I guess that there is someone out there that agrees with me in that this is a pretty good album and debut. Looking forward to hear more from them. Recommended for everyone thats into progressive metal and looking for something new!