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About Me

I currently live in Oslo, Norway – where I am co-founder and CTO of SoundSensing, and do consulting on machine learning, embedded software, signal processing and Internet of Things.
I’m also very active in the local hacker/maker scene, especially the Bitraf hackerspace.

From 2016-2019 I took a Master in Data Science at , in addition to working as a freelance software and electronics engineer.

From 2010 to August 2012 I lived in Berlin, working at Openismus as a software developer, consulting on open source software for companies like Nokia, One Laptop per Child and Canonical.

Up until June 2010 I lived in in Tønsberg, Norway, studied Electronics Engineering at Vestfold University College (Høyskolen i Vestfold), and worked at my local bikeshop.

About this blog

I write this blog to get my actions, thoughts, knowledge and ideas down “on paper”. Mainly so I can look back at it at a later time, but if other people find it interesting or useful, that is all the better.

All views and opinions posted on this blog are mine alone, and not that of my employer, friends, family or anything else. Unless stated otherwise, all contents of this blog is made available under Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0. Please attribute the content by “Jon Nordby“. You may also link directly to the page/post/image that has the content (instead of frontpage), if deemed appropriate.


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  1. You mentioned 1. Mastodon 2. North and 3. Isis in these blogs. This makes me love you even more. Did you disable comments on your blogs? too much spam, I bet. My favorite quote from this blog so far: its catchy as hell and straight out rockin’.

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