MoinMoin, MyPaint & Me

One of my latest addictions are wikis. So much that writing a blogpost like this, without being able to use wiki markup syntax, is quite annoying. I might have to fix that some day. Specifically I’ve set up my own MoinMoin wiki, where I can put all my silly ideas and thoughts. Circumstances made it so that I fixed up the norwegian translation of the 1.8.3 version. Due to pure foolishness on my part I did not check if the translation for the upcoming 1.9, so now we have a lot of conflicting strings (circa 200). Yay… Hopefully it will turn out for the better as me and Jørg Cassens, the translator focusing on 1.9, get them in sync again.

Recently I’ve also become involved in MyPaint development. It’s “a fast and easy open-source graphics application for digital painters”. You can follow development over at gitorious. Things fixed untill now:

MyPaint with filename in titlebar

  • Filenames in the title bar!
  • Improved file handling; Nice and consistent error messages when trying to open a file that doesnt exist or you dont have permissions to read.

My artistic skills are severly limited, and I’ve never used a tablet before but here is the obligatory screenshot.  Needless to say, I dont do this awesome program any justice at all. Here is someone who does (David Revay). But hey, I’m at least halfway there right?!

If you are on Arch Linux, packages are avaliable from AUR, both stable version and -git. Somehow I’m also the maintainer of those now… If you are on anything else, you will have to go to the homepage and get it there. Hopefully packages will be in Debian and Ubuntu official repos shortly.
Do note that it currently does not build on Windows, or cygwin at the moment. So if you are the type of person that can make such magic happen, please step up for the task!

I hope to do some more adventurous coding on some of my own project ideas soon, but for now I expect to continue contributing bits and pieces on MyPaint to gain some experience.