Participating in Libre Graphics Research Unit residency

Following the Piksels & Lines research meeting in June and being accepted in the call for proposals I am now taking part in the Piksel & Lines Orchestra residency, hosted by Piksel and LGRU, together with media artist and engineer Brendan Howell. Together we will further develop the Piksels & Lines Orchestra, a system that turns the traditional libre graphics tools (like MyPaint, GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus) into instruments for use in an performance setting.

A prototype of this system is to be demonstrated at Piksel X in Bergen, November 21-25th. Piksel is an annual festival where artists and developers working with free and open source software, hardware and art come together. Its diverse program will include presentations, workshops, performances, and installations.

Within the Piksels & Lines Orchestra residency we will also realize an artwork that will be performed in Madrid, April at the Future Tools Conference. This event combines Libre Graphics Meeting, an annual artist and developer meeting around free and open source graphics software with Interactivos?’13, two weeks of project-centric workshops focused on collaborative creation using open hardware and open software. The call for projects is now open, focusing on “Tools for a Read-Write World”.

Don’t miss any of these events if you are interested in the intersection and interaction between artistic works and open tools!

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