Berlin concerts awesomeness

A few weeks back I saw Gojira (warning: horrible flash based site, even the myspace page is better) at Knaack here in Berlin. While I hadn’t listened to Gojira much before going, it was a great show. Nice venue, sound was good, kick-ass music and performance, and the crowd loved it. What more can you ask for?
The event was promoted by a company called Trinity Concerts, and apparently they do a whole bunch of good stuff this autumn. Here are the ones I plan to go to between now and Christmas:

  • 22.09.2010 – This Will Destroy You
  • 02.10.2010 – Anathema
  • 06.10.2010 – Porcupine Tree + Oceansize
  • 05.11.2010 – Alter Bridge
  • 02.12.2010 – Irepress & Constants
  • 08.12.2010 – Caspian

I might squeeze in Dark Tranquillity or Tarot or Apocalyptica on the 24th of October, and Ludovico Einaudi on the 16th of November too. Maybe even Sabaton, depending on how good their new album is. I was also hoping to be able to see Epica while they are on tour, but they are not playing in Berlin (!), and the Oslo date does not fit with when I want to go back to Norway. I guess Poznan is only 3 hours away…
In any case, I think I know one or two people that are mighty jealous of me right now. And they ought to be.

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