On the road to MyPaint 0.8

MyPaint popularity is continuing to grow, much thanks to publicity from the Durian Open Movie project. We’re now working on the v0.8 release, which hopefully will be out this year.  I wrote a small post on the official site about that here.  I’m responsible for the translations, and so far we have 11 of them, with a couple more in the works that I know of.  Packaging is also picking up, soon most of the major GNU/Linux distros will have MyPaint in the official repos! Even some talk about a Mac OSX version (using X11.app tho).

I also plan to do some OpenRaster / GIMP-integration improvements and perhaps a small statusbar. I’m even considering writing a C library (with Python wrappers ofc) for OpenRaster, mostly to sped up saving and loading. A reference implementation would of course be nice to have.
But that is somewhat unknown territory for me and I’m not sure if I’m able to set aside the time necessary for such a task… We’ll see!

3 thoughts on “On the road to MyPaint 0.8”

  1. Initially 0.8 was targeted for November-December, are you still on track for a December release?

    I discovered your application about a couple of weeks ago and I like it *a lot* – just upgraded from 0.5.1 which is still the default in Fedora to 0.7.1 which is tested for the official updates and I am looking forward to 0.8 mostly for the layer dialog, without it layers are of very little use.

    Once again, thank you, you are doing an awesome job!

  2. December might slip, with holidays coming up and all. There is some nasty merging that needs to be done, and we kinda only have one person that can do it. Not very much work per se, its all about finding the time to actually sit down and do it. Glad to hear that the release is anticipated. And thanks for the heads up about Fedora packaging!

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