Hello Oslo, Hello Squarehead Technology

Two years after moving to Berlin and joining Openismus, it is time for another big change. I learned a lot while at Openismus, and had a lot of fun both in and outside of working hours. Those of you who have been to the barbecue parties know what a great bunch of people they are. I’m very glad to see that they are now going strong again.

In December I will join Squarehead Technology in Oslo as a Software Developer. There I will work on their advanced microphone array systems for acoustic cameras and acoustical zoom. The role includes both real-time programming, digital signal processing of audio/video and embedded Linux, which is pretty much exactly what I was looking for.

Here is a very quick demo of the technology, used for noise analysis: Nor 848 video

The array microphone system records 200+ channels of audio simultaneously. By exploiting the time difference between channels, digital signal processing can extract and/or visualize audio content at different positions in the recording. This can be done both in real time, and in retrospect (unlike parabolic microphones).

Fun times ahead!

Hello Openismus, Hello Berlin


Looks like I will be joining Openismus in Berlin from July, as one of three trainees! There is much to learn, but that’s gonna be half the fun. The other half will be working with something I really like, free and open source software, and with great people in a very good environment.

Going from living in my childhood home with my parents, studying at the local college, to my own place in a big city in a foreign country training/working as a software developer is going to be a big change. But I feel like a change, and I don’t think it could have gotten much better than this.

But before that; Hello bachelors thesis completion and Hello exam preparations!


I know spring is here when:

  • Exams are so close I go to school on Saturdays
  • I can go mountain-biking without having to use long tights and jacket, and most of the snow is gone on the trails
  • Work at the bikeshop is so busy that I don’t have time to greet my colleagues until 5 minutes past closing time
  • Allergies are starting to kick in

Spring is great, mostly cause it means summer is close; soon schools out and the weather apt for swimming.