Blodbad at Rock In, Oslo

As the previous post explained I was in Oslo yesterday for the Ubuntu Karmic Release party. But as I was heading for the release party I stumbled upon a friend of mine from Tønsberg. Turned out three bands from my home town were playing in Oslo that very evening, one of the bands being buddies of mine. So I got to combine two of my passions; music (metal) and free software in one evening.

The bands playing where Niku, Concrete, Framferd and Serepa Deformed. The event was part of a  two day mini festival called Blodbad (bloodbath) and the venue was Rock In.

There was a decent crowd for being a Thursday, but I'm sure both the bands and hosts had hope for more. In any case the sound was pretty good and my friends in Concrete (myspace) delivered a great performance so it was very enjoyable.