Going to Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 in Montreal!

So, it is confirmed, I'm going to LGM 2011! I was at LGM last year, and I expect this year to be just as good. Hopefully I'll also be giving a talk this time, about MyPaint and/or OpenRaster.

If you are interested in free and open source graphics software, or the production of freely licensed graphical works, you should go too! See the press release for more information, or go straight to submit a talk proposal. If you cannot be there but still want to show your support, please consider donating.

I guess this means I should order the tickets soon...

1 thought on “Going to Libre Graphics Meeting 2011 in Montreal!”

  1. Funny how the conference website is barely usable, with yellow graphics in the background (wallpaper, argh) killing the contrast of the blue text in front.

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