My open source software developer/coding activity can be see on For my own pet-projects I use my account on github.

Here are some of the projects I am or have been involved in.


An open interchange format for raster based images.

  • GIMP support
  • Standalone thumbnailers for GNOME, KDE and XFCE
  • Developer utilities
  • Specification and standardization work


A free and open source digital painting application.

  • New features and user interface improvements
  • Patch review and integration
  • Bug triaging and fixing


A generic image processing framework.

  • Bug triaging, patch review and integration
  • Improving Python/Vala bindings
  • Integration libraries for GTK+ and Qt


Text input method framework for mobile GNU/Linux systems.

  • New features and bugfixing
  • GNOME3 integration demo
  • Improving project openness and transparency

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