Couple of days ago we released MyPaint 0.9.0 beta1, the first development release leading up to MyPaint 0.9.0. The official announcement has a bit more information. In addition, I just pushed a packaged version for Arch Linux to AUR: mypaint-devel
Grab it while its hot!

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  1. Can you upload to a PPA, or make a .deb package? thanks a lot!

  2. Hi.
    As MyPaint is trivial to build and use without packaging, and I do not use a distribution using .deb I will not be providing packages for the beta version. If others are it should be listed here:
    For instructions on how to build, download the source code and see the included README file. If you have problems ask on our irc channel or mailing list.

  3. were did i get the source code of My Paint 0.9.0 version???

  4. Hi Mark. The source code for releases is found at http://download.gna.org/mypaint/, and you can of course look up the tag from our git repository. Why are you so interested in this old MyPaint version?